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The Field Calls/Door Knock/Attendance Service offered by Towerhall Solutions Ltd is ideal for clients who have lost contact with their customers and would like to regain communications with them. It may be that the customer has changed their phone number and has not informed you or that they are not acknowledging your letters. This is where our service fully benefits the clients need and takes the headache of constant letters and phone calls, examples of our Field visits are below.

Arrears call: A visit is made to the address in order to to speak with the customer to ascertain, why there account is in arrears, are they in a position to bring the account up to date, and also confirming all future payments will be met on time. We will also obtain all contact information, i.e telephone numbers and email address.

Property Assessment: A need may rise at times for a client to instruct an agent to attend a property. This can be of assistance when in the process of recovering a debt, pre-sue reports, litigation, surveillance and/or identification of vehicles and Assets, etc. This is complimented by way of a full detailed report and photographic evidence, with valuation and Land Registry documentation as and when required.

Confirmation of residence: We can visit an address to confirm residency of a individual for any reason.

The service is provided to clients on a fixed fee basis and is utilised by private and commercial clients as well as many large financial institutions and corporations including finance houses, credit card companies, banks and building societies.

Using their compliant and professional approach our agents will visit your customer’s place of residence.

Towerhall Solutions can offer this service across the whole of the UK.

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