A main sector of our business is that of repossessions, we specialise in this area and currently undertake work throughout the United Kingdom on behalf of Finance companies, Banking institutions and leasing Firms. Our comprehensive tailored insurance policy enables us to collect financed good with the value up to £1,000,000.

Towerhall Solutions Ltd offers a door to door service not just for Repossessions but also for rent arrears/outstanding monies due. Payments can be made to our licensed agents via Cash, Debit/Credit Card or Bankers Draft. We currently hold a dedicated banking facility with HSBC for all our clients, which maximize the security to our clients at all times. We also currently have a 55% success rate of obtaining our attendance charges from the customer, so in turn you will not have to pay a penny for this service. We can appreciate the charges can be quite daunting and in many case’s it doesn’t look too good for the Account Manager, so our dedicated team are trained on how best to obtain charges, either at the door or accepting a payment date from them which they can pay through our dedicated payment line. Our team are currently constantly traveling the whole of the UK undertaking Asset and Vehicle Repossessions, Voluntary Terminations and more recently end of Lease collections, and to us no part of the UK is too far!. Towerhall’s tracing experience combined with our specialized field team has proven to produce greater results in shorter time. We currently act on behalf of many repossession agents whom all would agree our tracing services have helped them on many occasions. Upon Repossession or visit we always provide a vehicle inspection report, which will include photographs.

At Towerhall we are not just satisfied with obtaining the vehicle, we do our up most to obtain important extra’s i.e. vehicle keys, V5, MOT Certificate, Service History etc. We have found in the past this only adds value to the vehicle in question. We have a respectable dedicated garage that will offer us a “Special rate” on any mechanical repairs or any body damage. We are happy to prove ourselves by taking on work that hasn’t been completed by alternative agents and are confident enough to say that we would turn 50% of your negatives in to positives, again all on a ”no find no fee basis”

Towerhall will collect any Financial product, whether it be a vehicle, office equipment, we are experienced in arrears management and are very efficient. We find a lot of Repossession agents can act too heavy handed can cause the client problems at a later date. We can be understanding but at the same time stern and this is where we believe Towerhall rise above the rest.

This service can be offered on a International basis.

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