Tracing Assets

This service is more informative to our Pre-litigation/Pre-Sue reports whereby we investigate to give a more precise insight to the defendants/subjects assets.

We can investigate and identify personal and/or company assets, not only within the UK but also at an international scale. We have found that this service is best used early on in the stages of battle, as we all know the subjects need to hide assets early if the asset is in jeopardy of being used to pay off their debt.

Our knowledge and experience in asset detection has enabled us to establish and unearth various valuable assets for our clients which have included Property (UK & Offshore), Luxury Vehicles, Antiques, Stocks and Shares and even Boats and Aircrafts. Where possible we will obtain and provide the relevant documentation of ownership with our findings.

This has proven to be a useful service to our clients on their larger debts.

We can locate and comment on all kind of Assets held by a subject of an investigation, even those ‘hidden assets’ that you might not know about. Our experience has established very successful practices for carrying out such work.

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