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Your rights – Financial Conduct Authority

If you owe money and have been sent over to an agency like Towerhall, there are probably a lot of questions you have and concerns regarding your rights.  Despite not being able to resolve your debt, the Financial Conduct Authority reserves rights for you and can help protect you as well as make sure that you are treated fairly by the debt collector or agency.


Agencies like Towerhall can contact you via a fair few ways: Telephone, e-mail, fax, written letter, or visit.  Let it be known that they will never contact at an “unconventional” time, such as very early morning or very late night. You may also contact an agency to make them aware of any ways in which you do not wish to be contacted; such as your place of work. But please be aware that this does not relinquish your requirement of payment and you are still responsible to pay off the debt.

Alongside the FCA, Towerhall will never adopt any of the following practices to obtain your debt:

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If you owe multiple debts, you must be made aware with updated correspondence of you correct debt value. A collection agency can’t make you pay a debt you don’t acknowledge.

If you feel a collection agency has violated any of the provisions in this Act, you must report this to The Finanial

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